Having trouble with the survey form

tried to look up some examples on youtube but couldnt find much.
so far here is what i got: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/QJGZYG . any isues with the html? still trying to figure out how to do the css part of it effectively, anyone have suggestions for some videos on youtube or some articles online for improving my css? or should i just go over the lessons at fcc again? lastly, i dont really understand what the purpose of divs are, are they specifically just to classify things for css purposes? thanks in advance, sorry for the dumb questions

Learning CSS takes some time. I would just google learn css on youtube and watch some tutorials on how people build signup page, landing page, etc…

Overall, your html looks fine. Something I would do is organize your htmls elements in ‘boxes’. For ex. You can split up all the texts and move them to the left and move all other input boxes to the right so they are aligned together symmetrically. You would then create a div and nest all your texts inside of it and call it leftdiv class and viceversa. This is a strategy you can develop when you are configuring your html layouts.

The freecodecamp lesson are good for start but you will not learn all from it. I think the idea is to do all fcc lessons then go looking for extra explanation when you need it. I usually look [w3schools.com] (http://w3schools.com) for more in deep despcription of tags and CSS. There is a how to section whit examples of forms that i am going to see tomorrow, they seems pretty good for the survey challenge. Responsive form example, there are a few others form examples like login, inline form, social login form, icons form and etc just look for them in the side bar.