Heat map D3 star bad month

first the map function start at 10 month in first year instead of 1 month.
second how extend axis Y by half on each side?
if I use this with one added month in range

 var scaley = d3.scaleTime()

            .domain([parseDateM(13), parseDateM(1)])
tickFormat((d,i)=> i > 0? (d3.timeFormat("%B")((d))):null)
I could not pass the test.

I figure out the yscale, but the problem with map still remainig

        var dataMonts=[];
for(var x= 0; x<=12;x++)dataMonts.push(parseDateMD(x+"/"+15));
var temp;
        var extent = d3.extent(dataMonts);
temp = extent[0];
extent[0]=extent[1] ;

        var scaley = d3.scaleTime()

            .range([height - padding, padding]);
        var axisy = d3.axisLeft(scaley).

I found he solution of map function instead selectAll(“rect”) writeselectAll(“g.rect”)

but I still have problem wit 9.
9. My heat map should have cells that align with the corresponding month on the y-axis.

How did you pass test #9? I can’t seem to get mine to pass

it’s looks it is not the same [padding,height - padding]);