Hello guys I need some help!

I’ve started building my portfolio project for the responsive Web design Certification!

I got this problem that there’s some space on the right, I’ve been accross this problem many times, So I would like to know what I could be doing wrong!
I appreciate the time yo take to help me!

Here’s what I’ve done until now - https://codepen.io/Mikeavocado01/pen/zYpaaXR

I’m working on Phone Version First so check it with 320px in width. Thanks!

Very good idea to work on the narrow version first!

When you get phantom spacing issues like this sometimes you just have to open up the devloper tools to the Inspector tab and start from the top, looking at elements until you find the one that is causing the problem. It took me about a minute to find it. Sometimes it’s a margin/padding issue and sometimes it’s a width issue. I’ll give you a hint, in this case it has to do with a width. Another hint: Block level elements automatically take up all the width available to them, so you don’t need to set their width to 100% and oftentimes this can actually have negative consequences.


Bro thanks a lot! IIt took me like 10 minutes but now I think I’m more clear about what I was doing wrong! Thanks again!

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