Hello I need some help

Hello, I am working in a tutorial on the Freecodecamp channel about sass and bootstrap!

I have a problem that sass compiles to css but when I put the class It doesn’t get applied in the html file. I’ve tried checking everything but I don’t get why It isn’t working! I’ve been following the tutorial carefully!

Here you can check my code - GitHub - MikeAvocato01/Bootstrap-5-project: Bootstrap 5 project

I am creating a linear background color with the primary and secondary colors in _navbar.scss, I am giving it the class of menu, and expect to change the color to the values specified.

Link of the course - Learn Bootstrap 5 and SASS by Building a Portfolio Website - Full Course - YouTube

When I put the menu class to the navbar it does not get applied, I don’t get why.

The scss is being compiled correctly (Apparently).

The menu class is being applied. The problem is instead of the background-color property, you should be using the background property.

Ok. Let me check it and then I will come back if it works!

It worked my friend. Thanks a lot. I also realized what I was doing wrong, At the beginning I was doing it good but I wasn’t running the script for compiling to css, then I started making a lot of changes and It resulted that it wasn’t working because of the background-color property. Thanks again!

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