Hello I need some help

Hello, I am working in a tutorial on the Freecodecamp channel about sass and bootstrap!

I have a problem that sass compiles to css but when I put the class It doesn’t get applied in the html file. I’ve tried checking everything but I don’t get why It isn’t working! I’ve been following the tutorial carefully!

Here you can check my code - GitHub - MikeAvocato01/Bootstrap-5-project: Bootstrap 5 project

Can you be more specific about which class and which element you are attempting to add it to? Also, can you describe what you expect to see happen compared to what actually happens? Also, can you please add a link to the tutorial video?

I am creating a linear background color with the primary and secondary colors in _navbar.scss, I am giving it the class of menu, and expect to change the color to the values specified.

Link of the course - Learn Bootstrap 5 and SASS by Building a Portfolio Website - Full Course - YouTube

When I put the menu class to the navbar it does not get applied, I don’t get why.

The scss is being compiled correctly (Apparently).

The menu class is being applied. The problem is instead of the background-color property, you should be using the background property.

Ok. Let me check it and then I will come back if it works!

It worked my friend. Thanks a lot. I also realized what I was doing wrong, At the beginning I was doing it good but I wasn’t running the script for compiling to css, then I started making a lot of changes and It resulted that it wasn’t working because of the background-color property. Thanks again!