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I’m going to start doing the challenge of the Random Quote Machine and I only see an example of this challenge with the test done and what happens. Before starting to create mine I would like to look at other works also with the tests done and to pass to get more idea. I have searched and only found the one that has this reference:

Thank you

Here is mine if you interested:

Its feature is randomized border shape for each new quote.

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If I am interested, because before starting my projects I like to observe examples already made. Thank you very much for sharing it now I will study it.

Let me know if you don’t understand some part.

Thank you very much for sharing your project, I liked it a lot, since you have visually modified it completely and on the other hand you have maintained its essence, that is, you have kept it simple. It has totally inspired me.

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@VaneSuky89, this search on the fCC forum should give you many examples to look at.

I have seen many examples, they should be old since the tests did not pass. That’s why I got in the forum to see and search more.
Thank you

Here’s mine if you’re still looking for examples:

By the way, I should mention that I completed this challenge before the FCC curriculum change and the test system being implemented on projects. So my project can’t help you out on that end, but I think the JS behind it might be interesting.

I just passed the test and it’s not what the challenge calls for. I’m sorry your example does not work.

The one you passed me.

I have forked I have passed the test and do not pass it here I send the example:

Thank you

@VaneSuky89, you can sort and filter by date as needed. There are at least 50 projects that pass the tests and that have been shared on the forum since the new curriculum came out:


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Yeah sorry I added an edit to my original post, check it out. But basically I made mine before the curriculum changes so I didn’t have to follow the guidelines of the new testing system.

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If I understand that this can happen. No problem, thanks also for your example.

I recorded myself setting up the Random Quote Machine dev environment complete with FCC tests:

Hope that helps!

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