Help! 2 column table with image in one and text in naother both aligned top

please help me. I spen few hours trying to solve this issue and still nothing!
I need to do simple html table using

.It should have 2 columns. first column will have image, second will have text.

PROBLEM: when i insert image via wordpress com in first column - text in seconds drops to bottom.

WHAT I NEED: i need both image in first column and text in second to be aligned top and in center of columns.

Please help me!

This what i have and text is on bottom:


Use table tag <table></table>

i use table tag of course - nothing works.

Size of image and and cell of the text needs be same otherwise they not fit on the that row .

Can you please write me working code if you know? With table tag. I tried all i could try and still text in second column appears on the bottom. I kniw its quite simple coding but i dont know what i do wrong. Doni need use some text align code? Help with code please!

Since you are using

tags, have you tried using CSS for the table column?

Go for inline or embedded CSS: table tr > td { vertical-align:top }

I dont use css. Its wordpress com blog. Only html tags

If you could edit HTML tags, you could also incorporate the CSS. Either inline or embedded (internal). Visit this in case you need reference.

Hello @anawa, if you are using the WordPress CMS, then you add the CSS in the theme’s, or if it has one, the child theme’s folder. The file in WordPress is always called style.css and is located here:

You might also consider this responsive plugin to create your columns. It works well, I use it often.