Help about classes and objects

So guys im getting ready for my exam im 2nd year of high school and i need some help with classes and object because im new to it.

I have to make recursion method example listofsingers(musicvideos,firstnameandlastname) to print all musicvideos of singer.

And also other question is i need to make a method to print all list of singers that are in that base .

Thanks everyone for helping.

Welcome to the forum! What have you tried so far? What code do you have?

thank you, so i have to make one def not a whole code, its like test and you have question to write a 3-5 lines code its easy but i dont get it.
If you have discord i can explain to you a little better.

I get the general idea. I want to know what you have tried. We aren’t here to do your homework for you, but we can help you once you have tried something.