Help, Browser blocked with infinite loop in one of the challenges

I’ve an infinite loop in one of the challenges. The code is saved in the FCC editor, therefore every time I try to access the challenge the tab freezes.
I’ve tried to block javascript execution, but it doesn’t even load the challenge editor.
Do you have any suggestion?

I’ve also opened an issue on GitHub.

You can try with RESET button below the Submit Challenges Button

Thanks Drake, but it cannot be triggered. When I load the challenge, the page is blocked.

When I try to reset everything is stuck, as you can see from the screenshot. I cannot even click “clear my code”

Ok I finally solved it!

If you ever get stuck to reset manually the editor just write in the URL function

Substituting the word ‘steamroller’ with the name of your challenge


FCC uses an infinite loop protection, but it can’t catch every case.

In the future, if you don’t want to lose your work, try disabling auto run.
Another option is to clear the challenge data from your browser cache. This will cause you to lose any code you have written so far.

Hi! I was freezing my browser on the same challenge! This link saved me. Thanks! :slight_smile: