HELP: Create Movement Using CSS Animation (offset property)

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Hello, I’m afraid that I’m quite stuck on this particular task! We are instructed as follows:

Add a horizontal motion to the div animation. Using the left offset property, add to the @keyframes rule so rainbow starts at 0 pixels at 0%, moves to 25 pixels at 50%, and ends at -25 pixels at 100%. Don’t replace the top property in the editor - the animation should have both vertical and horizontal motion.

And I can’t quite see what’s wrong with my code. I should be grateful if anyone could point it out to me. Thanks!
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  div {
    height: 40px;
    width: 70%;
    background: black;
    margin: 50px auto;
    border-radius: 5px;
    position: relative;

#rect {
  animation-name: rainbow;
  animation-duration: 4s;

@keyframes rainbow {
  0% {
    background-color: blue;
    left: 0px;
  50% {
    background-color: green;
    left: 25px;
  100% {
    background-color: yellow;
    left: -25px;

<div id="rect"></div>

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I FIGURED IT OUT! Ha. I was quite silly and removed the ‘top’, which it explicitly stated NOT to do. Brilliant lol.:roll_eyes::joy:


Thanks. I didn’t read the challenge description correctly.

This is how i solved mine.