Help: CSS not applying to HTML

I’m trying to style my survey form test but style.css is not applying to my HTML.

Can anyone give me a clue? I’ve googled but I can’t seem to know where I’m wrong.

First of all, please don’t post pictures of code - cut and paste the code and provide a link to the challenge.

Next, in your style.css file…

That <link... shouldn’t be there. That should go in your html file to tell it to read in the stuff in style.css. That should go in you HTML file, you can read about it here.

Next, this style tags should not be there. Those would go in an html file to tell the HTML that you want to put some inline CSS in your HTML file. But you don’t need that because that is not what you are doing.

Really, at this point, the only things in your style.css file should be lines 5-7. And you need to link that file in your HTML file.

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  • Sorry about that, Kevin. I’ll take note!

This solved the problem. I’ll read the link you’ve attached.

Thank you for your patience!

No problem, we all gotta learn somehow. Let us know if that doesn’t work.

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