Help displaying the scrollbar

I can’t get the scrollbar to show up with overflow-y:scroll please help, thanks.

P.S. click on my name takes you to the actual project.

I edited your post title to better reflect what you’re asking. We can change it to be more clear if you think I got it wrong, but please don’t change it back to your name as that’s not helpful to anyone reading the forum.

The overflow property will only take effect once the content in your element exceeds the browser window’s dimensions. So to see the scrollbar you’ll need two things:

  1. Lots of content in your body
  2. A width that is set to be greater than the window’s

I generated a bunch of lorem ipsum and stuck that right above your <div>. Then I added a CSS rule to make your body’s width huuuuuuge.

body {
    width: 200vw;
    /* ... the rest */

Thanks, it worked. The only issue I see now is in full page view for some reason all the lorem ipsum text isn’t visible, but in editor view I can see it.