HELP Escape Sequences in Strings!

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So I looked up other posts in for this project and none of them helped.
so… I really do not understand how to format the code.

  1. it is all on one line?
  2. what is the code and how do I format it correctly?

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var myStr=“FirstLine\n\tSecondLine\nThirdLine”;

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Pay attention to which test failed. That should give you an idea of what’s missing.


ok so this is what my screen looks like.
I have tried everything and still cannot figure out what I have wrong.

one word “backslash”.

Read the description more carefully and examine the requirements with a clear mindset.

where do I have that?

Backslashes need also to be escaped (second line)

ok I got it fixed thanks
but I still do not know what you are saying

Did you finally pass this challenge?

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