Help finding some old Quincy Larson Emails

I accidentally deleted some of these but can remember some of the subject lines that interested me:

  • A beginners guide to SQL and Databases
  • 3 simple rules that will help you become a git master
  • Learn web security basics in just 7 minutes
  • How computers work and how the internet works - all explained as simply as possible

Can anyone help me with the links to these? Is there a directory for emails that get sent out by Quincy? Thanks!

Most, if not all, of these are probably medium articles. Try searching

@ArielLeslie is correct.
Many of Quincy’s weekly emails were to turn us on to what was being posted in the freeCodeCamp Medium platform.

You may also find links to YouTube courses on the freeCodeCamp channels. I hope these are what you are seeking:

And I actually had the pleasure of editing this one:

Thanks for the replies everyone and @KoniKodes for taking the time to provide links - I really appreciate it! I’ve bookmarked those pages now.

This works! Amazing and brilliant of @QuincyLarson to upload to Medium as well.

Great! I’m glad we could help :blush: