Help fro Api and Microservices Project

Hi there. In the FCC page where I can submit my solution, there are two input fields. The second says ‘Github Link’. Does this mean I have to make a repo and put the link to the repo in the field?

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t done that section since the new curriculum, but that seems to be what it’s saying. That’s how the old curriculum was. But I think if you have the source code publicly hosted somewhere else, that might work too. You need a link to the code, and a link to a working version.

Github is free (at least for what you’ll need it for). Github uses git, which is the industry standard for version control. Github is commonly used on open source projects. If you get a job, you will almost certainly need to know github (or git on a different host platform that works similarly to git). Many prospective employers will check to see how much github you’ve done.

Learn github and git. It’s very important if you want a job as a software dev.

Well, thank you Mr.Smith. I now understand what to fill in the input fields with. Also, I will take your advice and learn Github and Git. Thank you for your guidance and time. Your advice is truly invaluable.