Help i cant get through this task

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hello, i

Your code so faram doing exactly as the video has shown me but it seems not to go through.

var myName = "beau"

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Challenge: Declare JavaScript Variables

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We tell JavaScript to create or declare a variable by putting the keyword var in front of it, like so:

var ourName;

creates a variable called ourName .

You need to declare but not initialize the variable.

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Look at the challenge instructions closely:
“You should declare myName with the var keyword, ending with a semicolon”

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You didn’t finish it with a semicolon ;

To build further on @JeremyLT’s comment:
var myVar = 1000;
This line does two things:

  • First it declares the variable myVar: var myVar.
  • Second it initialises the variable with a value of 1000: = 1000
  • Third it indicates the end of an expression with ;
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