Help, I don't understand how the variable assignment works

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// Variable declarations
var studlyCapVar;
var properCamelCase;
var titleCaseOver;
var camelCase
studlyCapVar = camelCase
properCamelCase = camelCase;
titleCaseOver = camelCase;

// Variable assignments
studlyCapVar = camelCase
properCamelCase = camelCase
titleCaseOver = camelCase
studlyCapVar = 10
camelCase = 10;
properCamelCase = "A String";
titleCaseOver = 9000;

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Challenge: Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables

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you have too much stuff now

reset your code, and just change the variable names to have them correctly camelCase, do not add new lines, do not change anything else than that

thank you so much! I went crazy. But it worked :slight_smile: