Help: make instances of objects with a constructor function

This is not the right answer. I don’t see what I’m doing wrong. Could someone help?`

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var Car = function() {
  this.wheels = 4;
  this.engines = 1;
  this.seats = 5;

// Only change code below this line.
var myCar = new Car();
myCar.hoversets = "new";```
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The above line creates a new instance of Car assigns it to myCar (You nailed this!)

The above line creates a property for myCar called “hoversets” and assigns the value “new”. You did assign a string to a newly defined property of myCar, but it is not the correct property name.

The following is what the instructions tell you to do:

Then give myCar a nickname property with a string value.

If the instructions would have stated the following, you would have passed the challenge, but they do not.

Then give myCar a hoversets property with a string value.