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Hello!! I was trying to solve APIs and Microservices Projects - Timestamp Microservice problem. I guess I did everything correctly but my code can’t pass tests. Can someone test my API ? Thanks!!!

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app.get("/api/timestamp/", function(req, res) {
console.log({unix:, utc: Date()});
res.json({unix:, utc: Date()});

app.get("/api/timestamp/:date_string", function(req, res) {
var dateString = req.params.date_string;
if (/\d{5,}/.test(dateString)) {
var dateInt = parseInt(dateString);
var unix = dateInt;
var utc = new Date(dateInt).toUTCString();
console.log({ unix: unix, utc: utc });
res.json({ unix: unix, utc: utc });

var dateObject = new Date(dateString);
if (dateObject.toString() === “Invalid Date”) {
console.log({ error: “Invalid Date” });
res.json({ error: “Invalid Date” });
} else {
console.log({ unix: dateObject.getTime(), utc: dateObject.toUTCString() });
res.json({ unix: dateObject.getTime(), utc: dateObject.toUTCString() });

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