Help me guys... tried alot but failed

while applying "position:fixed "property to my navbar element
then it’s getting aligned to the left side , please help me in fixing this…

When you use fixed positioning the element is taken out of the normal flow and only takes up as much space as needed. So what do you think you could do using CSS to make the nav bar span across the entire width of the page?

i just want those links to be at the nav bar end, while it’s in a fixed position

I know. I’m just encouraging you to think about what you could do to make that happen. I’ve given you two hints already:

  • You can do it using just CSS on the navbar
  • You want to make the navbar span the entire width of the page

I could just come right out and tell you exactly what to do, but where would the fun be in that? Part of learning is experimenting to figure out how things work. I’m confident that with my two hints above you can figure it out.

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thanks alott mann
i’ve just set the width of nav element to 100%, and that worked :heart_eyes:

hey man…
one final doubt

how to set my welcome-section’s height equal to my view-port’s height ?

I’m going to google this for you this time :slight_smile:

Google: css view port height