Help me in Build a Tribute Page

Tell us what’s happening: I have pass 7/10 test then i am stuck help me.
here is my survey link =

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Hi Simran and welcome to the forum,

I just had a look at your Tribute Page on codepen. Your are passing 9/10 tests.

The only test failing is in relation to the height property set fixed at 200px for img elements in your css file. If you change that to height: auto; the final test will show as passed.

However, since the image you are loading is very large (1769 × 1317 pixels) that will be big on the screen.

If you want to control the size of this specific image as it appears on the page you could either target that image using it’s id in your css file or set specific values eg. max-width="200px" height="auto" inline within the img element in your html file.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

It’s not working .:frowning_face:

Hey Simran,
Using your image’s url I was able to search Google images and find smaller sizes. It’s best to serve an image that is close to the size you intend to display. Here are my search results.
BTW ems, rems, percent, vh, and vw are all relative units of measure, but to what are they relative? The message says," The<img> element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size." The answer could be in there or if the test measures the image actually resizing, then you could try a larger max-size since 200px will nicely center on a 300px wide screen without any scaling.