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Hello everyone I stucked in a method where I have used jsPDF library to download resume as pdf. Actually I have made an angular application resume-builder and want to give a method where users can download there resume as pdf. A detailed video is posted on my LinkedIn account. Please go through the video so you can help me out. I have tried many forums and community channels and seek for help but no one help me yet. So please help me out with the right method.I am also sharing the github code with you. Please help me ASAP.

http s://

  • what error do you get or what is it that you need help with specifically?
  • where do you think its not functioning as expected?
  • what have you tried
  • did you looked at their (library) docs?

happy coding :slight_smile:

Ok. Let me tell you the problem in detail. I used jsPDF library in my resume-builder application. When I download my resume it get cut into pieces. Sharing you the images of resume, downloaded pdf and method used. Also the extra content is not getting rendered in the result pdf. Please help me now. I tried many ways but failed, then asked for help.

Downloaded PDF

Resume-template . Personal details kept hidden.

thanks, can you put it up in repl or codesandbox kind of environment?! its easier to poke around from there

is there any portion of it that does not get cut? if so how is it different from those other parts that gets cut?!

what do you mean by extra content? is that a section named “extra”?

  • where do you think code is misbehaving? specify that portion that way its easier to offer help when possible

happy coding :slight_smile:

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I got a solution. Any way Thank you for your constant replies.

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