Help me to disconnect the text

Do you have a drawing or Photoshop mockup of your desired layout? We need to understand where you want each section of text/image(s) on the page to be. Otherwise, we would just be guessing ant your overall design plan.

You have circled something on your page, but have not described or given a drawing of how you want the two different merged text to look once they are separated. Are they supposed to be two paragraphs with one above the other? Is one supposed to be beside the image and the other not? You need to tell us exactly how you want these sections to look. here a mockup

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I noticed you added the Bootstrap 3 library to your CSS module, but I do not see you using the Bootstrap 3 syntax. My recommendation is to use the Bootstrap 4 library and read about the Grid System which will make it much easier to create a layout as specific as you are attempting.

I suggest forking your current project to preserve the content you have in it and starting a new codepen to try and use the Grid layout for your project.

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Thank you so much! I’ll read it right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Once you have made an attempt using the Grid system and you get stuck, then you can post a link to your new version and ask us more specific questions.

Hello again. I used the Grid system, but now I can not make the text of the quotes wider, I think it’s because I created three containers and the text does not have enough space to be displayed wider. How can I fix this without changing the rest of the containers?