Help me understand Generate Random Whole Numbers within a Range Challenge

HI I am stuck understanding this challenge because it is complicated a little bit when it comes to understanding this line

return Math.floor(Math.random() * (myMax - myMin + 1)) + myMin;

I need help to understand this line and how it works exactly

Hi Hamza-Noah,

  • Math.floor rounds numbers down. For example Math.floor(2.5) = 2
  • Math.random returns a “random” number between 0 and 1. For example, it could return 0.1.

Let’s use an example to understand the formula that you have here.

randomRange(3, 5)           with Math.random() = 0.2
Math.floor(0.2 * (5 - 3 + 1)) + 3
Math.floor(0.2 * (3)) + 3
Math.floor(0.6) + 3
0 + 3


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Hi @Hamza-Noah !

I edited your post to include the challenge link.
I also edited the title of your post to remove the link.
Please avoid placing links in the title since we cannot click on them.

I also found a helpful article on how Math.random works in the context of a game like the dice game.
I think when you see it working in the context of an actual project then it will start to make more sense.

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