Help me with these. I thought I got the right answer

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  #left {float:left;}
    width: 50%;
  #right {float:right;}
    width: 40%;
  aside, section {
    padding: 2px;
    background-color: #ccc;
  <section id="left">
    <p>Good stuff</p>
  <aside id="right">

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You have the right idea, you’re just inserting it wrong. (That’s what she said.)

You started with:

  #left {

    width: 50%;

And you ended up with:

#left {float:left;}

    width: 50%;

That float: left; should be at the same level as that width. Notice that you added a closing bracket after the float: left;. Count the number of opening brackets and closed brackets in the style section. Do you see the problem? And of course #right has the same problem.

Please let us know if this wasn’t a sufficient enough hint.

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Got it. Thank you. :slight_smile: