Help, my Certificate has disappeared

Hi everyone, I completed legacy Responsive Web Design course earlier this year. I came back today to get a copy of my certificate but it is missing and it says i have not completed the course.

I need the certificate asap to prove i did the course and therefore don’t have time to complete the new course. Is there a way i can get a copy of my original certificate?

Many thanks

what do you mean a copy, a downloaded copy a picture, has it disappeared?

I just need proof that I completed the course but there seems to be no record of my work on the site now. Codepen still has all of my completed tasks but the Freecodecamp says I have not completed it.

have u ever gone into the challenge for the certificate and edited it?

are you sure you actually submitted the projects and claimed the certs?

said that, are you sure that you have logged in in the right account? if you had claimed the cert, then it must be there. Try a different email address for log in.

that will not remove a certificate

Panic over, I tried a different email and there it was. Thank you so much for your advice.

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