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I have failed to pass the fourth case so far. In the solution 1 ( Solution) it used another filter function, but I don’t understand why is it used, and what it does. Thanks :slight_smile:

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// the global variable
var globalTitle = "Winter Is Coming";

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function urlSlug(title) {
return title.toLowerCase().split(/\s+/).join("-");
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var winterComing = urlSlug(globalTitle); // Should be "winter-is-coming"

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Challenge: Apply Functional Programming to Convert Strings to URL Slugs

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the forth case has spaces at the beginning
I suggest you check what’s the value returned after that string is splitted

console.log("  Winter Is Coming".split(/\s+/));
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If you do not understand what the filter method does, I suggest reviewing this earlier challenge in the Functional Programming section.

Got it. I somehow missed the first space at the beginning. Thanks for the quick reply

When I use the below code, everything else works but it says that its changing the Global variable, the console.log shows that the Global variable is not changing. What is it that I am missing?

// the global variable
var globalTitle = "Winter Is Coming";

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function urlSlug(title1) {
let title = title1.slice();
title = (title.toLowerCase().split(/\W+/));
title[title.length-1] == 0 ? title.pop() : null;
title[0].length ==0 ? title.shift() : null;
return title.join("-");

// Add your code above this line

var winterComing = urlSlug(globalTitle); // Should be "winter-is-coming"

I need help please.
I my console.log dose not keep the quotation marks. so I’m not passing. Just to see if it was the solution i cam up with i tried out both the first and second solutions and they don’t keep the quotations as well. I don’t know what i am doing wrong.

my solution :
return tittle
i know its very close to the second solution so it must be something I’m not seeing.

Update i found the solution. i wasn’t trimming the empty space. had nothing to do with the quotation like i thought.

but now its saying I’m changing my global variable. witch after a check via console.log i am not.

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there is a line that say to change code only below that line

if you manually changed the original global variable you also get that error

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this is my way

function urlSlug(title) {

    var splited = title.split(" ")

    var filtered = splited.filter(word => word.match(/^\S+/g) ||  word.match(/\S+$/g))

    return filtered.join("-").toLowerCase()

This is a way to solve the challenge without using .map/.reduce or .filter methods:

function urlSlug(title) {
var toLower = title.toLowerCase();
var newStr = toLower.trim(); 
newStr = newStr.split(/\s+|\W/).join("-");
return newStr;


I do this

function urlSlug(title) {

  return title.match(new RegExp(/\w+/,"g")).join("-").toLowerCase();


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