Help needed on portfolio project

Hi guys.
I am stuck on the portfolio project- i need help with a simple layout query.
how do i?
Make the welcome-section equal to the height of the viewport?
many thanks in advance.

what have you tried? try sharing your codepen

It’s a frequent question in this forum. Try this thread: [Solved] Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage : Error viewport

I have tried several things and then deleted them.
I have used the width property, but i dont think thats the right answer.

well, you can’t use width if it asks about the height, things don’t match like that, don’t you think?

sorry i meant height property lol

thanks for that :+1:
I do know bootstrap, but prefer to use the course material.
I will try this, i was trying to find where it was in the course material.

if you post a link to your code you would receive more targetet suggestions

thank you, I have been trying to work on the layout and then move on to the content.
Its the layout i lack strength in

do you mean that you are trying to draw the desired layout and have not yet started coding? if that’s the case then you are right, it would not been possible to help you with the coding, if your code doesn’t exist yet

no I can code and create websites, but i have never had to do this sort of thing.
I use a different technique to this.

well, it is also your choice to not show code, I imagine

many thanks.
I deleted my code to start again, thats why i havent shown any coding yet. :+1:

ok so after fixing that issue.
I am having issues with my H1 and P tags not appearing.
I think they are behind the nav but not sure

here is my code:

You can just give #welcome-section some top margin to push it down. When you use position fixed on an element it is taken out of normal document flow. So it doesn’t “interact” with other elements (i.e. it will not push down the content below it).

BTW, this selector is not correct…

#welcome-section > h1 > p

…you do not have a p element inside the h1.

You have a typo in the HTML (it is section not secition) and what looks like some unintended capital letters in the Work link (opening tag and href).

Hi i did try top margin, but i didnt work.
i will try again

how do i get the images to align horizontally?

there are some examples portfolios you can look at at least you’ll have a small idea it will help you to start .