HELP NEEDED! To understand when set translateZ(0); that means

translateX and translateY is also have set default to 0 when not set it in CSS? or need use translate3d to set all 3 axis to 0?

Another in margin when set margin-left in px that is fine but default also that got 0 value as not set? or how it works?

or for 0 need margin: 0 0 0 0;



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I’m sorry, I couldn’t understand your first question, if you could explain your doubt a further, it would be better.

For the margin question,

margin: 0 // shorthand property for m-top, m-right, m-bottom, m-left

Case 1: If you set only margin-left: 5px, there will be only margin on the left side ( Unless there is a default margin on that element ).

Case 2: If you set margin: 0 and then give margin-left: 5px, all the sides have 0 margin except the left side.

Two cases are similar, you are just explicitly declaring the margin as 0 in case 2