Help needed with extracting json data

Hello. I wondered if someone could help me extract json data. The original data looked like this:

'description':'sky is clear',

To get weather from this set, I coded in description = weather_json['list'][0]['weather']
which gave me this:
[{'id': 800, 'main': 'Clear', 'description': 'sky is clear', 'icon': '01d'}]
So far everything’s good… But, then when I tried to extract the description from this with description = weather_json['list'][0]['weather']['description'] I got an error message:
TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not set
What could I be doing wrong? Thanks!

‘weather’ is an array with one element. To drill deeper down to description you will need to use [0] before [‘description’].

It is easier to see the hierarchy if you indent the JSON with some type of tidy or beautifier tool.

                'weather': [
                    'id': 800,
                    'main': 'Clear',
                    'description': 'sky is clear',
                    'icon': '01d'