Help needed with Sudoku solver

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FCC testing of my unit tests won’t pass.

It seems assertion-analyser.js doesn’t pick up the assertion (assert.throw()) in my test Invalid string when I log them to the console (see below):

Skärmavbild 2021-01-25 kl. 15.51.32

What did I forgot? Is the assertion-analyser.js not intended for error testing?

Please make my day! :grinning:

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test('Invalid string', function(done) {
  let invalidString = '1.5..2.84..';
  assert.throws(() => solver.solve(invalidString), /Puzzle cannot be solved/);

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Challenge: Sudoku Solver

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Added and moved assert.throws() inside try...catch statement.

fcctesting.js seems to pass all 12 unit tests when logged to the console:

Skärmavbild 2021-01-26 kl. 13.51.22

Still it won’t pass the FCC testing… :grimacing:

“The devil is in the details.” (German proverb)

Some time along the way I changed suite('UnitTests', () => { to suite('Unit Tests', () => {

Do not. It will cause your unit tests to fail…