Help on database diagram for room rental

Hey all,

Im trying to make a program for my boss to keep track of his tenants.
The situation: he has several houses and every house has different tenants (7 to 16).
Every tenant has a rental contract and a service contract.
If a new tenant enter the house or one leaves a new contract is made.

I designed a database scheme and I would like your comments on it, can anyone help me with feedback?

These are the rule:
1 house has different tenants
1 House has different rooms
1 house has different rent contracts

1 Rooms can have 1 or 2 tenants

1 Tenant can have only 1 house
1 Tenant can have different Rooms
1 tenant can have different rent contracts (updated contracts; if person joins group or leave)

1 rent contract contains different tenants (cohousing)
1 rent contract has only 1 house

Every tenant has 1 service contract
It Should be possible to add different documents to the table of tenants (many documents per 1 tenant). Example; update document with new rules or official communication

Thx very much!

you can also just do this in an excel sheet.
dude need more info here
what have you tried
what code langause are you planning onto using here

I have started with different excels but it getting a mess.
As i would like to created reports:

  • all tenants renting a house atm
  • all contract of a house
    -all contract of a tenant
    -What are the registered contracts of a house/ tenant
    and so on

Im not sure about the 2nd layer, i m thinking Python.
But first i wanted to make sure my database layer was good.

What more info would you need?