Help on portfolio project, please?

Hi, all- I’m working on my portfolio website. It’s in the super early stages, the images and pretty much everything are placeholders right now, so I’m not looking for feedback on the design yet. I just have one annoying problem I’m trying to solve. I would like to have the background image show to either side of the main content in the center. It shows up below, but for some reason the sides are white, though I haven’t assigned them that color as far as I can tell. Any ideas what I’m missing here?

Here is the link:

Thanks in advance for your input!

Hi Muriah,

I’ve rarely see much of any styling set on an the root HTML element - I did a quick search and the results (from several years back) suggested that results are variable when setting a background image on it.

I changed your css from html to body and the background image appeared as expected.


Thank you, Michael! That fixed it.