Help on Random Quote Machine

Here is my link: Random Quote Machine - Replit

What help do you need? Please be as detailed as possible.

Ok. First of all the random index generator does not work secondly the react app and the IDE just randomly crash is there a way to fix this?

Just a reminder I still need help

The live preview url of your replit doesn’t seem to work well on my end. If it’s not back-end related, I suggest moving the code on codepen for our convenience, as well.

  1. You are invoking the onClick handler. You have to wrap it inside a function.
onClick={() => this.getQuote(Math.floor(Math.random() * 101))}
  1. You don’t need to bind the getQuote method if you use an arrow function.

Thank you! You have really helped. I have put your answer as the solution. (I also put down a confetti ball)