HELP, please. :D Learn CSS Variables by Building a City Skyline

Hi everyone,

PLEASE help me with step 42 in Learn CSS Variables by Building a City Skyline.

I think I am doing everything correctly, but I keep getting the hint " You should add the bb1-window class to the .bb1a element."

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In this tutorial, we are being asked to:

ADD the “bb1-window” class to the classes:

IN ADDITION to the classes they already have:

FOR EXAMPLE : a bb1a div class:

    <div class="bb1a"></div>

A bb1a div class with a bb1-window class:

    <div class="bb1a bb1-window"></div>

OMG, thank you ALLESS!

i tried that before, don’t know why it didnt work the first time.

thank you, thank you!

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