Help positioning an img on the right side of a div container

Hi everyone ! I’m doing the first project on Responsive Web Design and I’m having some issues with positionating the img on the right of the img container.
Here is my code: Tribute Page
I’ll apreciate your help !

Try #img {align-self: flex-end;}

I don`t know why it isn’t working , neither justify-content, or any flex function :frowning:

Do you want to make like this?


hi @inquires.flo,
did you mean your figcaption on the left side of the image?

like this?

parent {
    display: flex;
child-img {
    order: 2;
child2 {
    order: 1;

like example at my tribute page, scroll down, the image just above the footer.

Yes i want that but with the img on the center of the div !
i mean: the white box border at the same level of the main container border and the img on the center of the white container,
fig caption on the center below.
and i want to make it with a max width, because i dont want de white rectangle to be huge.

like this tribute page but with the white container align on the left of the main container…