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Can’t pass all tests at the same time, some tests pass every now and then, not sure why.

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*       Complete the API routing below

'use strict';

var expect = require('chai').expect;
let mongodb = require('mongodb')
let mongoose = require('mongoose')

let uri = process.env.PW

module.exports = function (app) {
  mongoose.connect(uri, { useNewUrlParser: true, useUnifiedTopology: true })
  let issueSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
    issue_title: {type: String, required: true},
    issue_text: {type: String, required: true},
    created_by : {type: String, required: true},
    assigned_to : String,
    status_text : String,
    open: {type: Boolean, required: true},
    created_on: {type: Date, required: true},
    updated_on: {type: Date, required: true},
    project: String
  let Issue = mongoose.model('Issue', issueSchema)

    .get(function (req, res){
      var project = req.params.project;
      let filterObject = Object.assign(req.query)
      filterObject['project'] =project
        (error, arrayOfResults) => {
          if(!error && arrayOfResults){
            return res.json(arrayOfResults)
    .post(function (req, res){
      var project = req.params.project;
      if(!req.body.issue_title || !req.body.issue_text || !req.body.created_by){
        return res.json({ error: 'required field(s) missing' })
      let newIssue = new Issue({
        issue_title: req.body.issue_title,
        issue_text: req.body.issue_text,
        created_by: req.body.created_by,
        assigned_to: req.body.assigned_to || '',
        status_text: req.body.status_text || '',
        open: true,
        created_on: new Date().toUTCString(),
        updated_on: new Date().toUTCString(),
        project: project
      }), savedIssue) => {
        if(!error && savedIssue){
          return res.json(savedIssue)
    .put(function (req, res){
      var project = req.params.project;
      let updateObject = {}
      Object.keys(req.body).forEach((key) => {
        if(req.body[key] != ''){
          updateObject[key] = req.body[key]
      if(Object.keys(updateObject).length < 2){
        return res.json({ error: 'missing _id' })
      updateObject['updated_on'] = new Date().toUTCString()
      {new: true},
      (error, updatedIssue) => {
       if(!error && updatedIssue){
          return res.json({ result: 'successfully updated', '_id': req.body._id })
        }else if (!updatedIssue){
          return res.json({ error: 'no update field(s) sent', '_id': req.body._id })
        } else {
          return res.json({ error: 'could not update', '_id': req.body._id })
    .delete(function (req, res){
      var project = req.params.project;
        return res.json({ error: 'missing _id' })
      Issue.findByIdAndRemove(req.body._id, (error, deletedIssue) => {
        if(!error && deletedIssue){
          res.json({ result: 'successfully deleted', '_id': req.body._id })
        }else if(!deletedIssue){
          res.json({ error: 'could not delete', '_id': req.body._id })

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Challenge: Issue Tracker

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Please help, I’d be very grateful!

The only test that does not pass now is: When the PUT request sent to /api/issues/{projectname} does not include update fields, the return value is { error: 'no update field(s) sent', '_id': _id } . On any other error, the return value is { error: 'could not update', '_id': _id } .

Did I pass all tests? Is this an error or? It won’t let me complete it.

Hello there,

Would you mind sharing a link to your project code? We cannot help without more information.

Also, did you write the functional tests for the app?



Thank you for your reply. The project can be accessed here:

Many thanks for your help!

You do not seem to have written this test:

suite('DELETE /api/issues/{project}', function() {

    test('Valid _id', function(done) {

Thank you.
It’s in there (functional tests js - line 212). Any other ideas? Maybe it’s something else?

When I look at your code, it does not appear complete:

Also, I see your tests fail 5/14:

Look in the Glitch logs to correct the failing tests.

Thank you so much! Thank you so much!

Please help me out, I am also facing the issues to complete this project
My glitch link:!/issue-trackers-app

Hi Saini,

I took a quick look and noticed that the database name has not been entered in the URI string…

Hope it helps.


Phil :uk: