Help regarding Python Pillow Library

Hi Everyone
I recently tried to experiment with the Python Pillow Library.
I tried to resize and round the corners of the following image.


I got an unexpected result due to the sharp pixels in the circumference.

But when I tried the same using an image editor, there was a smooth circumference.


I tried to use FileImage.filter(ImageFilter.SMOOTH_MORE) but the quality deteriorated.

My code to edit the Image

RoundSize= 60
FileImage ="Image.png")
Size = 200
FileImage = FileImage.resize((Size,int((float(FileImage.size[1])*float((Size/float(FileImage.size[0])))))), Image.ANTIALIAS)
Round ='L', (RoundSize* 2, RoundSize* 2), 0)
Draw = ImageDraw.Draw(Round)
Draw.ellipse((0, 0, RoundSize* 2, RoundSize* 2), fill=255)
ModifiedImage ='L', FileImage.size, 255)
Width, Height = FileImage.size
ModifiedImage.paste(Round.crop((0, 0, RoundSize, RoundSize)), (0, 0))
ModifiedImage.paste(Round.crop((0, RoundSize, RoundSize, RoundSize* 2)), (0, Height - RoundSize))
ModifiedImage.paste(Round.crop((RoundSize, 0, RoundSize* 2, RoundSize)), (Width - RoundSize, 0))
ModifiedImage.paste(Round.crop((RoundSize, RoundSize, RoundSize* 2, RoundSize* 2)), (Width - RoundSize, Height - RoundSize))
FileImage.putalpha(ModifiedImage)"Python Edited.png")

Hi, @skyreach. I guess the link below would be helpful for you. If you still find any issue, reply with the updated code.
Stack Overflow

I think you’re on the right track with this (or another blurring filter). Have you tried applying the filter to your alpha mask ModifiedImage rather than the whole image?