Help! Stuck on Pomodoro clock project

Hello everyone,
I am working on the pomodoro project, but I cannot seem to get the clock to stop after the allotted time. After the time runs out, it starts counting upwards. Also, I have tried to make the break timer start when the work timer stops, but this doesn’t seem to work either. I have been using the flip clock.js api. I posted about this earlier, but no one has responded after a week, so I thought I would post again.
Here is the codepen:

Any help is deeply appreciated!
Thanks !

You are missing .time:

$("#btn1").on("click", function() {
	  clock.start(function() {
	    if (clock.getTime().time === 0) { // <-- your are missing .time

Thanks for the help! I have managed to get the break clock to start at the end of the work clock’s time, but now I am having trouble getting the break clock to stop. Can you help me with this? Here is the codepen link:

Thanks again!

You are using external API and their site is currently down.

If you can provide the documentation how to use it, I’ll look into it.