Help to choose Linux distro

My statement was based on my own experience. Not a fact. Sorry if I offended anybody.

That was exactly my point. You can’t from one person’s experiences say that Macs outlive PCs running Windows like a factor of 2+, but you certainly implied that.

Any distro or OS works just fine. Pick what you like because nothing is automatically superior.

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I’ve used Fedora as my primary desktop since way back when it was called “Fedora Core” (and then Redhat Linux before that). I like it because it tends to be a little more cutting edge and I don’t mind trouble-shooting problems (I’ve been using Linux since 1992 and am a former Linux admin so I’m used to it). But on the flip side, they only support the last two releases (with a new version being released about every six months) so you’ll need to be prepared to do a complete system update every six months in order to stay up-to-date on security issues and such.

If you aren’t into upgrading your system twice a year, and possibly trouble-shooting some issues that occur because of these upgrades (usually having to do with third-party repos) then I would probably avoid Fedora and go with a distro targeted toward more mainstream users, such as Ubuntu.


Wow! you are using Linux from even before my birth.

Now I get what actual stability means. Thanks so much for helping me in clearing my doubts.

For now, I’d really like to try Fedora. And in the future when I will have a new laptop then I will experiment with CentOS and Arch too.

I appreciate your time,
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Karamjot Kaur.

Glad to see they liked you :smiley:
Regarding a “second” Linux distro, as you already had read. There is no “must to use” distro. In Software Development and Machine Learning, the OS is Not of imperative importance.
I think it would be important only in the cybersecurity field, when they obviously prefer Linux.
But in the other coding paths, your skills (and the debugging :rofl: :rofl:)make most of the work.
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One thing to note is that CentOS has been discontinued and support will end December this year, though if you’re just trying distros and don’t have any specific requirements, its successor (which fills a slightly different niche) or one of the forks would probably be fine.

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Ya that true but we have CentOS stream, didn’t we?