Thinking about making the switch to Linux on my (only) laptop

is it worth it? what are the pros and cons to this. i know a little bit about linux, but i would like to learn more and i think this would be the best way. my only concern is the worry about not being able to run things as smoothly as now (and losing out on productivity) for some time until i get used to linux… thoughts?

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

If your laptop can handle it, try running linux on a VM first and see if it’s good for you.

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u sir are a smart kitty

is it worth it?

From the utilitarian point of view, I think, it’s only worthy if you want to go beyond front-end development. You may also want to use it because of ethical reasons (see

Many Linux distributions allow to install them alongside your current operating system (dual boot), so you can switch between them as you see fit.

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good to know, thank you ! and yes i am planning on going “past front end”. my passions are in back end, im only learning front end because i want the “power” of full-stack at my fingertips :wink:

installing linux tonight. will have to check that philosophy link as well, didn’t think ethics and OS would be so directly related… but what do I know! cheers :slight_smile:

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How did it go? Which distribution did you choose? I was gifted a laptop a few weeks ago, and I’m running Mint on it. So far I love it, but I am running into a problem with my root partition filling up in less than a week. I think I’ve got something going on with my logs not rotation optimally…

yesss defenitly worth it :3 if it doesn’t work the way u want to u can alway’s reverse it

My opinions:

Windows is garbage for development but great for games and general user interface.

Linux is great for development having the nice bash shell and linux environment etc, but it’s garbage for games and general user interface.

Mac OS is great for development, it is very similar to working in a linux environment, and it also provides great user interface, as good as Windows surely.

I prefer mac out of the 3.

I do use linux on a throwaway laptop just to do project euler challenges. It’s just for fun.

If I had to choose between linux and windows it would be tough. I’d try to have both I guess.

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@ywvlfy What you can do is remove the Windows hard drive and install a new hard drive in to install Linux on. That way you can easily go back to Windows if you want. Try a few different distros if you do not like the first one you try. I recommend using one of the major distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, Arch, etc) and you should be just fine. Come back to this forum if you have questions.

How about enabling Ubuntu on Windows 10 that is pre-installed? I tried using it and I have no clue what I am doing so I uninstalled because I am not a developer.