HELP Trying to edit Command Line on Mac

Hi I am trying to edit my terminal on the mac to shorten my prompt so it doesn’t show my username mac name etc. But I noticed by my terminal doesn’t even look normal compare to the rest. Instead of showing -bash at the top of the window like i seen in other people terminals of the tutorials I’ve watched, it shows -zsh. I attached a photo down below of my terminal

This is a photo of someone else I saw on a tutorial. See at the top it shows -bash.

Also instead of showing the $ at the end of the prompt it shows %.
If anyone can explain why I would love to hear why please please please. I was trying to follow a tutorial when I first started learning web development and I think I installed some files for my terminal but I think it was just the updated git version.

zsh and bash are two different terminals. A tutorial for modifying a bash terminal won’t always work for modifying a zsh terminal.

okay, so does that mean i did something to change my terminal to zsh? Or is it automatically like that? Is there a website that I can go to that I can learn the difference between the two?

Oh wow okay I just found a website that explained it! it’s this one

*"As of June 2019, macOS Catalina announced that they would be adopting zsh as their default shell in replacement of bash—a major “win” for zsh enthusiasts. *
So I guess that is why it is different. "

But okay I understand now. The tutorial I just tried to follow to change my prompt was for bash! So i just need to find one for zsh. Do i need to go back and change what I did with bash or does it not matter anymore?

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I think zsh is the default shell in mac now.

I don’t have a good resource at hand that would be significantly better than Googling ‘zsh vs bash’.

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If you aren’t using bash, it should be fine to just leave your bash settings alone.

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