Help: Why are some of my elements becoming links? I'm stumped

Hey Campers,

I’m having an issue with my personal portfolio project. The issue being that some of my elements and whole containers are linked to my social network sites and they shouldn’t be. For instance my “About Me” section (the whole container) is linked to my linkedin profile. It is also happening with my contact form. There is only one place on the webpage that I linked to my linkedin but somehow that link is being applied to other parts of the page.

Here is the link:

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong/missing. I’m sure it’s staring at me in the face but I have newbie blindness haha. I’ve searched for solutions online with no luck. I am at a loss as to how to fix this and could really use someone with more experience to help me out. It is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance.

It’s a missing closing </a> tag for your linkedin <a> tag

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Thank you so much!!! I knew it would be something obvious haha.

It helps to right-click Inspect any misbehaving portion of the page - you would have seen the About Me section as a child of the <a> element in devtools

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Thank you. That is a great tip that I will be sure to use from now on. I’m still very new to this and have a lot to learn.