Help with additional resources

Hey guys, my first post here on fcc forums. Don’t want to keep you here giving you my full life story so… long story short, I’m trying to change careers and I’ve been working hard going through fcc curriculum over the past few months.
I’ve completed Responsive Web Design and I’m almost done with JS and Data Structures Certificate as well. And here’s my dilemma. I’ve got about 10 intermediate algorithm challenges left and 3 out of 5 projects to finish but I found myself hitting a wall where I’m struggling to solve some of them. Rather than just go into the forum solutions I still want to solve them on my own, so I decided to reach out to additional resources so that I feel comfortable with the material. I’m going through one of the JS courses on Udemy and that’s been extremely helpful, so hopefully when I’m done with it and go back to those remaining challenges and projects, I will be able to get the certificate and progress further.
What I want to do next is to learn how to use html/css and js together to build stuff because that’s what I’ve been mainly missing from fcc curriculum - I learn all about these ‘components’ separately but in reality I don’t really know how they all work together.
From what I’ve read online about people learning programming, it’s often recommended to master one thing before moving on to learn another thing. So what would you guys recommend to use as a resource or what would be a good way for me to practice all of the stuff I’ve done so far? Preferably an online course on one of the learning platforms or something like that? I’m just one of those people that prefer to learn from a structured curriculum rather than independently browsing YouTube for tutorials to be honest.

I would be very grateful for any advice. My main fear is hitting a wall of ‘I’ve been working so hard for months and still feel like I don’t know anything’.