Help with Apply Functional Programming to Convert Strings to URL Slugs

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GlobalTitle did not change when i log to console but thats the error i keep receiving. I tried re-assigning title to new var but its still thesame.

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// the global variable
var globalTitle = "Winter Is   Coming";

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function urlSlug(title) {
 return title.slice().split(/\W/).filter(a => a !== "").join("-").toLowerCase();

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var winterComing = urlSlug(globalTitle); // Should be "winter-is-coming"


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You should not be manually changing the variable globalTitle’s initial value at the top of the code. Just reset the code so that it is what it was originally and paste your solution back in.

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Thanks, that works. Hope the code follows functional programming rule ?

Yes, you have not broken any functional programming rules with your soluton.