Help with bcrypt hash compare

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I can’t figure out whats wrong with this, after I’ve looked at multiple forum topics and the hint page.
when I check my answer via the lesson, the console prints out “request” but nothing seems to happen.

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Challenge: Hash and Compare Passwords Asynchronously

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The starting project was updated and got messed up you need some comments in your code for the test that are now missing.

Add the comments before and after the code.



It should look like this


bcrypt.hash(myPlaintextPassword, saltRounds, (err, hash)=>{
  //hash prints, hash, (err, res)=>{
    //prints whether pws match

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Thanks a ton! hopefully you guys can update your original boilerplate for the future :wink:

I made a PR

One more thing, it looks like the next lesson had a similar issue, where it wouldn’t pass, but this time with just SYNC instead of ASYNC in the comments. You guys are the best!

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You need some for the sync test as well.


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