Help with challenge Basic CSS: Use RGB to Mix Colors


I’m having a real problem with this lesson. As far as I can see, all my code is correct (including the semicolons), but I still receive an error warning when testing my answer:

I have created a new topic for your question. Please do not use other people’s threads to ask for help.

When you need help with the challenges use the “Ask for Help” button which will create a new thread for you with your code.

The max value for rgb() is 255 not 225, so for example full red is rgb(255, 0, 0)


Thank you for your reply and resolving my issue. Numbers/ letters start to merge together after I’ve stared at them for too long, so I understand how I made such a simple mistake.

Regarding using another thread to ask my question: I did so because I thought it was a better option than starting a new thread for a topic that was already established (not wishing to clutter up the forum), not out of disrespect to the OP or intentional contravention of any ‘forum etiquette’; about which I was unaware. I will remember this in the future.

Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.



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