Help With Counting Cards (Basic JavaScript)

Hello all! I do hope I’m posting this in the right place - apologies if I’m not!

I’m currently working on switch and if/else statements and I’m working on the “Counting Cards” segment and I appear to be stuck. This is what I have so far:

Oh, I did delete the "return “Change Me” as well.

I’m really not sure what I’m doing wrong. Should I have included case 7, 8, 9? I thought you could get away without doing it. Or should my counts be += 1 or -= 1 instead of ++ --? I did try that and it didn’t work either.

Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Look very closely at your two return statements. Currently, they are returning strings like “4Bet” or “-2Hold”. You are missing a character in the string which is specified in the last line of the instructions and in the Example Output.

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Oh my goodness. So simple. So painfully simple. Thank you so much for pointing it out!