Help with css animations

Hello guys,

Recently been trying to build my Portfolio which I will use in a month time to start applying for a Junior job.

Have a small problem which literally tried everything to fix it but couldn’t do it on my own.
So the link attached is to my github you can see the live version and the code itself. When you click to Projects and after that on Experiments You can see that my animation does exactly the opposite of the wanted effect. I know its because it has fromLeft class which is animated, tried to create a new class and somehow overlap them but couldn’t do it on my own.

Would really appreciate if you can help me to fix this problem, and as well feel free to give me critics on the page itself so I can do the best version of it.

Thanks a lot!

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mebbe try changing…the timing?

animation: fromLeft .5s;
animation: fromRight .5s;

nice site btw :slight_smile:


feel free to give me critics

w3 validator

@dbsimeonov Hey, I loved the design of your website. It is really simple and good. Only one thing that I learnt from some other profile feedback is that when I hover on your skills in “About Me” the color of the text changes as if it is a button that can be clicked while nothing happens as such. You might want to look into that. Does get the user confused for at least once. Else you may also add a link to some simple project done only in the same technology, like a proof of concept or something in addition to projects in the portfolio.