Help with Destructuring Assignments

Hey Guys,
I am currently on destructuring assignments and am not able to understand it.
Please help me in understanding them. i have tried reading a few other articles as well but couldn’t understand them.
Please Help!!

Hi Aditya! Can you be more specific and tell us where you started to get lost? (Try to find the last lesson you understood)

I am not able to understand the whole concept only and even the examples mentioned in the lessons.
I am not even able to understand its applications.

Like @hbar1st says, you will need to give us a specific challenge example and tell us which part of it you do not understand. Then, we have better chance of explaining “how” or “why” something works in the examples.

The whole topic is covered in MDN in some depth but i think this topic is one of those advanced tools that in the beginning you don’t see much use in until you start some real world problem solving and find you really need it.
Try reading the MDN topic

(Don’t forget to play withthe examples as you read)
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