Help with Dropdown in navbar

My navbar is collapsable but when I go to click on the icon that should bring a dropdown menu it doesn’t respond. I have been looking for an answer for hours. Can anyone see what’s wrong with it?Navbar

Hi there,

Can’t really see any dropdown menu in your pen. Or you want the entire nav to be hidden and reppear on click?

If you need to click to make something happen, you’ll need to add JavaScript, it cannot be achieveied by HTML and CSS alone. I suggest you search and read up on this search and you should find exactly what you need. I’m no good with JavaScript yet.

But you want the dropdown on hover, then it can be achieved by CSS alone.

Hi, thanks for the reply back. I actually just figured the solution out. The dropdown menu is only visible when you resize the screen to be smaller. What I did to fix my problem was change my data-target from a class to an ID. I’m not really sure why this worked but it did.